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FILM | Village Portrait Project Promo

Title:  The Village Portrait Project

Length:  6′ 20″

Subject:  In 2012, Jon Goldman embarked on a project to digitally paint portraits of the inhabitants from his home village Woods Hole, Massachusetts. To date, Jon has captured just over 100 of its colorful inhabitants with his digital paintbrush. His intention is to paint all 780 of them and exhibit their portraits publicly.

“My latest work is a creative process that embraces a new public art,” says the artist. “I am interested in what it means to build community through a creative process that merges history, painting and technology.”

FILM | Oil in the Family Promo

Title:  Oil in the Family [Trailer]

Length:  6′ 03″

Subject:  By exploring his family’s connection to Flaherty and the Louisiana Story, environmental artist and filmmaker Jon Goldman returns to the land of his great grandfather, discovering how industry changed forever the vitality of a region and sacrificed the real cost for prosperity. The film parallels one artist’s celebration of a threatened way of life and another artists need to confront the consequences. This story becomes a conversation on how to change the future. It is a story about a family’s Louisiana legacy revealing how we are OIL IN THE FAMILY.


Title:  Occupy Santa

Length:  11′ 09″

Subject:  Environmental Artist and filmmaker Jon Goldman gives away 60 inflatable Santa suits to the people of the little village of Woods Hole, Massachusetts in exchange for a few photographs of them all together, inflated. What ensues is a hilariously joyous instant community of strangers inspired by the Occupy Movement, raising questions that challenge all that the metaphorical gesture of an “empty” Santa might imply.

FILM | All Washed Up (They Say)

Title:  All Washed Up (They Say)

Length:  5′ 15″

Subject:  Hall of Famer/Grammy winner Dr. John collaborates with composer Daniel Neiden and Paul Muldoon Pulitzer -prize winning on a love song to the resilience of the people of New Orleans and Gulf South after recent years of intense struggles against storms and spills. This is a video of the recording session of some of NYC’s top studio musicians all in support or connected to New Orleans. All purchase proceeds will go to the New Orleans Musicians Foundation and the New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

FILM | Wilma’s Warning

Title:  Wilma’s Warning

Length:  9′ 45″

Subject:  Wilma Subra, a MacArthur Award-winner and chemist, raises the difficult questions people would rather ignore. In Post-Katrina Louisiana she is a hero who has spent a career fighting for safe toxic disposal, testing, and analysis. But someone wants her quieted. Shots were fired at her office in New Iberia, Louisiana as she continues to be a pre-eminent voice for environmental justice. Producer/Director Jon Goldman follows her in the wake of the brutal hurricane.
A short form documentary produced for Al Jazeera International in 2006.

FILM | Swim

Title:  Swim

Length:  4′ 09″

Subject:  When Ambrose Jearld was a child growing up on a North Carolina tobacco farm he would be promised to go the beach every summer in South Carolina. In SWIM, a short animation using images from the National Archives by Jon Goldman and Chip Moore, recollects his reflections ongoing to a segregated beach, Atlantic Beach, in South Carolina. Created for WGBH; Emmy-nominated.

FILM | Layers of Lasagna

Title:  Layers of Lasagna

Length:  27′ 27″

Subject:  David Lasagna is the most original Comedic Stylist to ever appear on a stage. In this 2005 glimpse into the prep and performance of the politically twisted comedian, Lasagna discusses his favorite piques, sings his favorite songs, and stupefies his audience with hilarity. So why is this guy NOT a famous comic voice (except in small circles)?

FILM | Airplay!

Title:  Airplay!

Length:  2′ 46″

Subject:  Jon Goldman’s inflatable Artwork visits the oldest Children’s Museum in the United States.

FILM | Storypoint: “How She Worked It”

Title:  Storypoint: How She Worked It

Length:  1′ 06″

Subject:  An animatic for a serialized webisode. Written by Jim Uhls, Animation by Jon Goldman.

FILM | How Much Land Does a Man Need?

Title:  How Much Land Does a Man Need?

Length:  2′ 06″

Subject:  A short animation sample based on the classic Leo Tolstoy short story of the same name. Using the photos of Sergie Prokudin- Gorsky the last Czar’s photographer from 1909-1918, Animators Jon Goldman and Chip Moore begin to tell the story of a man whose greed for land teaches the true meaning of Need vs. Want. “The greatest short story ever written.” ~ James Joyce

FILM | Cooler Heads

Title:  Cooler Heads

Length:  1′ 20″

Subject:  Filmmaker Jon Goldman, Actor/Producer Daniel Neiden and screenwriter Jim Uhls do an experimental animation based on partisan arguments.

FILM | homeland

Title:  homeland

Length:  3′ 46″

Subject:  A video montage/collage of dreams, flight and George Reeve’s TV Superman, homeland includes original watercolor paintings, original guitar, and archival footage. This film is a work-in-progress collaboratively developed with the Paris-based performance artist Susan Shup. It combines archival footage shot in 16mm by my grandfather and his friend Bert Kahn on the way from Paris to London for his wedding in the 1920s. It also includes video elements from a trip I took around the world with my family in 2002 (especially flying images from New Zealand).

FILM | Lever

Title:  Lever

Length:  1′ 00″

Subject:  My mother’s reason for entering politics in Philadelphia fifty years ago.

FILM | Spiral Journey

Title:  Spiral Journey

Length:  3′ 59″

Subject:  In 2001 Jonathan and Nicole Goldman take their two kids out of school and head west to New Zealand beginning a 70,000 mile trip around the world. Eight months and 18 countries later they return home to Concord, Massachusetts. The trip was a chance for the parents to re-invent themselves, for the children to be exposed to a world outside their little New England town and a giant search for inspiration from a tumultuous planet. The trip created 10,000 images, 40 hours of video footage, fifteen sketchbook and many paintings. This is a quick sketch for a pitch.

FILM | Woods Hole Film Festival 2011

Title:  Woods Hole Film Festival 2011 Opener

Length:  3′ 23″

Subject:  A little village on Cape Cod welcomes filmgoers to their town and their 20th annual Film Festival.

FILM | Mike Frazier, Captain of the Night Rider

Title:  Mike Frazier, Captain of the Night Rider

Length:  5′ 48″

Subject:  Michael Frazier, a fifth-generation Louisiana shrimper, discusses the impact of the British Petroleum Deepwater oil spill disaster of 2010.

FILM | Gary Cure, Shell Beach, Louisiana

Title:  Gary Cure, Shell Beach, Louisiana

Length:  4′ 34″

Subject:  We met Gary Cure onboard the Donna Ann. He is an affable fellow, a hard working oysterman who looks to BP to make thing right. He also looks to that oil company to employ him again as a worker on the spill because it is the only thing bringing in anything. It is the waiting though that is making him uncomfortable.

FILM | Mercedes Calvert, Metairie, Louisiana

Title:  Mercedes Calvert

Length:  3′ 44″

Subject:  A Louisiana native discusses the exploitation of local fishermen by big oil companies.

FILM | Glenn Sanchez, Hopedale, Louisiana

Title:  Glenn Sanchez, Hopedale, Louisiana

Length:  7′ 12″

Subject:  I do not know how to measure satisfaction, courage, dedication or perspicacity. On our recent journey through the bayous of southeastern Louisiana, though, I met an empathetic fellow named Glenn Sanchez who had a winning way about him. Sanchez embodies the character of the people here. Here, 60 miles southeast of New Orleans, in the place where the eye of Katrina passed directly overhead, he and everyone he knows is staring at the end of a culture directly in eye.

FILM | Clarice Friloux, Grand Bois, Louisiana

Title:  Clarice Friloux, Grand Bois, Louisiana

Length:  6′ 13″

Subject:  We met Clarice Friloux through my cousin, Maxx Sizeler and her former partner, Bea Calvert. Bea’s mother, Mercedes Calvert, was an interview we conducted in Metarie, Lousiana, and she had said we should really talk to her niece who had led a fight against an oil company and won.

The case, for obvious reasons, drew a lot of attention nationwide. She is from the Houma Tribe of Native Peoples and has openly fought to have the waste of the oil industry dealt with, primarily because it is often dumped in her backyard. Literally.

FILM | Dean Blanchard, Grand Isle, Louisiana

Title:  Dean Blanchard, Grand Isle, Louisiana

Length:  4′ 07″

Subject:  Dean Blanchard sells a lot of shrimp. He knows shrimp better than most people. If you want to know how the shrimpers of the Gulf Coast feel, take it from one of the hardest working people I have ever met.

FILM | Andrew Barron, Water Coordinator

Title:  Andrew Barron, Water Coordinator

Length:  5′ 54″

Subject:  We went to Thibodaux, Louisiana to Nicholls State University where we met Andrew Barron at the Barataria•Terrebonne National Estuarine Program (BTNEP). Both and his colleague Dean Blanchard (not the Shrimp broker from Grand Isle) spoke to us about the decimation of the marshlands of Southern Louisiana, by the oil industry’s cutting of canals and the group’s advocacy for reparations of this vital national resource.

FILM | Run Run Whispered the Mother

Title:  Run Run Whispered the Mother

Length:  3′ 26″

Subject:  A trailer for Tappan Heher’s film in which he rediscovers his Malian” mother from the Peace Corps after his birth mother dies.

FILM | Shuperwoman

Title:  Shuperwoman

Length:  0′ 18″

Subject:  Collaboration with Susan Shup, Paris-based artist.