Goldman uses a Cintiq tablet and a touch-sensitive stylus and works in a wide range of computer applications including Painter and ADOBE CS6/CC. He has been producing computer-based artwork since 1984.

  • After Van Eyck
  • Roxana Saberi
  • Man in Turban (Khattak)
  • We Are All Immigrants
  • Old Chee
  • Nowhere Man
  • Uprooted
  • Wood Wheel
  • Circle of Time
  • Curl Tree
  • Ringwood
  • Down the Hole
  • Stretch
  • Sunflower/Madrone Gagged
After Van Eyck1 Roxana Saberi2 Man in Turban (Khattak)3 We Are All Immigrants4 Old Chee5 Nowhere Man6 Uprooted7 Wood Wheel8 Circle of Time9 Curl Tree10 Ringwood11 Down the Hole12 Stretch13 Sunflower/Madrone Gagged14